Balance and Vestibular Rehab

Feeling a bit off balance? CPRS can help!

Do you ever experience… 
    • Vertigo (spinning sensations)
    • Unsteadiness/imbalance when walking
    • Unstable vision
    • Motion sickness
    • Falls
    • Dizziness when changing head position (such as when getting up, rolling over, stooping, turning sideways, or looking up)?

If so, it may be due to a malfunction within your vestibular system, part of your body's sensory network that, along with the inner ear, contributes to your sense of balance, spatial orientation and movement.

Relief is just a phone call away! At CPRS Physical Therapy, our licensed physical therapists can alleviate the problem by reducing or relieving the symptoms through a series of head movements and/or progressive exercise program. Our patients generally report improvement within five (5) sessions- many in as few as two (2) visits.