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Get up and move!

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Get up and move!

Many changes over the last century, and even the last couple of decades, impact how much we move. Because of advances in technology, we are sitting more than ever. We sit to drive our cars. We sit at work. We sit to watch television. We sit to use computers. While there are benefits to all of these changes in our society, an increase in sedentary time is not one of them. According to a study on sitting time and mortality, the risk of mortality from all causes, and from cardiovascular disease specifically, increases with higher levels of sitting time. This is true even in people who exercise regularly. 1

The good news is that the solution to the problem is simple. According to a study published in Diabetes Care, even if your life requires that you are sedentary, increased break time from being sedentary is beneficially associated with BMI, waist circumference, triglyceride levels, and glucose levels. 2

We, at CPRS, also know that musculoskeletal aches and pains can be associated with prolonged sitting. If you have pain that you believe is related to a sedentary lifestyle, contact your local CPRS for specific guidance on how to relieve your symptoms. However, we would also like to provide some general examples of how you can insert more breaks into a sedentary lifestyle, in order to reap the benefits for your health.

  1. Stand instead of sitting when you are using your phone.

  2. Walk down the hall to ask your colleague a question instead of using email.

  3. Stand up and move around during commercial breaks when watching television.

  4. Get a standing work station for your computer.

  5. Take a walk over your lunch break.

  6. When appropriate, use a push mower instead of a riding mower.

  7. Stop and take a brief walk at rest stops to break up long amounts of time in your car.

  8. Get up to use the restroom when traveling on a plane.

  9. Walk or ride a bicycle, rather than driving to your destination.

  10. Walk into a restaurant instead of going through the drive-through.


Be creative! There are endless ways to add movement to your life; and the more you move, the healthier you will be.

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